Lovy Fun Facts

-I wear dresses or skirts every day. I like being girly and feminine. This does not mean I'm prissy or high maintenance. It takes no more effort to slip on a dress than it does to throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. It's merely a preference.

-I sometimes say words just because they're fun to say or they're especially smooth when rolling off the tongue. "Mellifluous" is one such word. Try it.

-I am opposed to peanut butter. I don't like mustard, mayo, or most other condiments either. Other offending food items include: mushrooms, carrots, and walnuts. That said, I have no food allergies, so I'm usually down to try anything once.

-If money and time were of no consequence, I would run a doggie retirement home and rescue senior dogs. Most of the time they end up in a shelter not because they've been bad pets, but through messed up circumstances. They deserve a place to live out their golden years in peace. I'm going to go hug a tree now if you don't mind.

-I have a Vonnegut tattoo. You may ask for pictures if you're interested.

-I sing in the shower. I'm not good at it. I just do it anyway.